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The thyroid is an important part of the body, serving as a hormone regulator. When you have low thyroid or a high TSH this can indicate health concerns related to your hormone production. If you are concerned with your thyroid or seeking thyroid treatment in Clovis, California, contact Dr. Samuel Rush, MD.

Thyroid Treatment Q & A

What Does Having Low Thyroid Mean?

Low thyroid, also known as hypothyroidism, is caused by having an underactive thyroid. Your thyroid is not producing enough of the hormone called thyroxine. As a result, your metabolism is affected in an adverse way. You might find yourself experiencing fatigue and weight gain that is beyond your control. In order to treat low thyroid, you need to seek medical assistance. Dr. Rush, MD provides treatments, such as thyroid hormone replacement, in order to boost low thyroid production. He is skilled in working with thyroid conditions and able to provide the most reliable treatments for patients.

Is a Thyroid Condition Passed Down Genetically?

Yes, a thyroid condition can be passed down genetically from family member to family member. Since it is hereditary you should be more cautious of thyroid conditions if you have family members who are diagnosed with low thyroid or high TSH. Contact the office of Dr. Rush to get your thyroid tested to see if you have been affected by this hereditary condition. Keep in mind that not everyone will have thyroid conditions simply because it’s in their genes. However, you are more likely to have thyroid cancer or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis if your family members have been diagnosed. He will test your thyroid production, diagnose you with any thyroid conditions, and provide you with a personalized treatment regime.

Why Is My TSH High and How Do I Treat It?

On the opposite spectrum of low thyroid is hyperthyroidism. If you have hyperthyroidism your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) will be high. TSH is released by the pituitary gland, and it causes hormones to be produced by the thyroid. If you have too much TSH you are likely suffering from an overactive thyroid. Dr. Rush can treat hyperthyroidism, but first, you need to schedule an appointment in Clovis, CA.


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