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Getting a physical exam is both a requirement for some and an annual service for others. A physical exam gives Dr. Rush the chance to identify anything out of the ordinary in terms of your health and wellness. Whether you have a mandatory work-related physical exam or simply want to get an idea of your overall health, Dr. Rush in Clovis, California is here to help.

Physical Exams Q & A

What Happens During a Typical Annual Physical Exam?

During a typical annual physical exam with Dr. Rush, you will be examined both externally and internally. The exam will include an exploration of your head, neck, abdomen, limbs, and skin. Anything out of the ordinary will prompt further testing. A physical exam often includes laboratory testing of your blood. This is used to conclude any questions or concerns that Dr. Rush may have during the exam. A blood test, for example, can tell you how your cholesterol levels are, as well as if you have a risk of type 2 diabetes. During the physical exam, you should ask any questions or bring up any issues you have concerning your health. This is the perfect time to ask since Dr. Rush will be looking for any problems that indicate further examination.

Why Do I Need to Get a Physical Exam by Dr. Samuel Rush in Clovis, CA?

Some patients come to Dr. Samuel Rush in Clovis, CA for a pre-screening employment exam. This is a requirement by employers who mandate a physical exam before a person can be hired. Other patients, particularly young people, come to Dr. Rush to get a physical exam for sports. For these individuals, a physical exam is required before they can try out for a team. Physical exams can also be completed simply for the sake of your health. By keeping track of your health through a physical exam by Dr. Samuel Rush in Clovis, CA you are better able to prevent health problems from sneaking up on you.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Physical Exam?

If you are new to the office of Dr. Rush you can expect your first physical exam to take approximately an hour. This includes time for Dr. Rush to get a background health history. Once you have been to Dr. Rush to get a physical exam the time will decrease. Typically a physical exam could take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on your personal health.


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