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Samuel B. Rush, MD

Internist located in Clovis, CA

If you are suffering from extreme tenderness, purplish skin, or limited joint movement, this could be a sign you have gout. In order to treat gout you need to seek medical attention immediately. Contact Dr. Rush to schedule an appointment for gout treatment in Clovis, California.

Gout Treatment Q & A

What Is Gout?

Gout is a form of arthritis that often occurs in one of your big toes. If you are suffering from gout you will have swelling, stiffness, or burning in the joint connecting your big toe to your foot. If you leave gout untreated you will likely experience the spread of gout to other tissues and joints in your body. Reach out to Dr. Rush immediately if you are experiencing symptoms of gout. Early detection is the best plan for appropriate treatment for gout.

How Does Dr. Samuel Rush Treat Gout in Clovis, CA?

The first area Dr. Rush will work on is the pain associated with gout. Once you are experiencing pain relief from your gout Dr. Rush will proceed with prevention of future gout attacks. He may prescribe oral corticosteroids or give you a corticosteroid injection in his office, depending on the severity of the gout. Other treatments include resting and ice applied to the affected area.

How Do I Stop a Gout Attack?

Once you have your gout attack under control you’ll want to take steps to prevent gout attacks from occurring in the future. The most common cause of gout is due to uric acid crystals in your blood. This build-up occurs over the years, and you might not even know you have too much uric acid in your bloodstream. A test of your uric acid levels will give Dr. Rush a better picture of whether or not you will suffer from gout again. If you really want to stop a gout attack from happening you will need to change your lifestyle. Reduce the amount of red meat, organ meats, including liver, and alcohol that is in your diet. This will help to cut down on the uric acid levels in your body. You will also want to increase your daily water intake. This will flush the uric acid from your body so you are less likely to develop crystals leading to gout.


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