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Samuel B. Rush, MD

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Here at the office of Dr. Samuel Rush, MD in Clovis, California, patients receive professional and thorough EKG testing. This method for testing electrical activity in your heart will help Dr. Rush diagnose any heart problems. Testing is the first step toward treatment for heart conditions.

EKG Testing Q & A

What Does an Electrocardiogram Measure?

When you visit Dr. Rush for an electrocardiogram in Clovis, CA, he will be testing your heart. An electrocardiogram (EKG) measures the amount of electrical activity within your heart. If you have underlying health conditions in your heart, this test will help to find these before they become fatal.

What Does a Stress Test Do?

A stress test shows Dr. Rush how your heart is functioning. The test is completed during a period of physical exertion. Dr. Rush will have you stress your heart using common exercises in order to speed up your heart rate. The stress test will see how your blood flows through your heart during the activity. Any changes to the electrical activity in your heart will most likely show up during a stress test. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a stress test in Clovis, CA, Dr. Rush is here to help. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

What Should I Expect to Happen During an Electrocardiogram?

When you go to get an electrocardiogram at Dr. Rush’s office you will be monitored during an activity, such as running. With running, for instance, a treadmill will be set up along with heart monitoring machinery. Your heart rate will be tested at your resting rate, during exercise, and then again after you complete the exercise. An electrocardiogram, or EKG, will give Dr. Rush the information he needs to proceed with treatment for heart conditions, such as high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat. Without a well functioning heart muscle, your overall well-being is at risk. You should seek testing immediately if you think you have a heart condition. An EKG test can be particularly useful for early detection of heart problems and related diseases, such as chronic pulmonary heart disease (COPD). Contact Dr. Rush today to schedule your electrocardiogram test.


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