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Samuel B. Rush, MD

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Getting the news that you have cancer is the worst thing a person can hear. However, if you catch cancer earlier on this can be a lifesaver. In Clovis, California Dr. Rush performs cancer screening for a variety of cancers including lung, breast, colon, and cervical cancers.

Cancer Screenings Q & A

What Do You Mean by Cancer Screening?

When you visit Dr. Rush to get a cancer screening he will examine your body to look for possible cancer symptoms. This will include a physical exam along with blood tests pertaining to certain risk areas. For example, you would be screened for breast cancer using a mammogram. Certain parts of the body would require more specific screenings, i.e. lung cancer screenings would vary from colorectal cancer screenings.

Should I Get a Cancer Screening If I Am Healthy and Cancer-Free?

Anyone is eligible to get a cancer screening, including individuals who are healthy. A cancer screen shows potential signs and warnings that indicate cancer is a possibility. An early diagnosis of cancer can help Dr. Rush treat your cancer more successfully. The longer you wait when you have cancer, the greater chance that cancer will spread throughout your body. If you have a family history of certain cancers, then you want to get a cancer screening more often. Since some cancers are hereditary and you are more susceptible, a cancer screening could be your greatest defense. Contact Dr. Rush today to schedule a cancer screening.

When Should I Start Getting a Mammogram?

For women who are considered high risk for breast cancer, the first mammogram should take place at age 45. However, women without a family history or previous breast cancer diagnosis can wait until they are 50 to start getting a mammogram. At that point, a mammogram should be completed every two years if you are healthy, according to the US Preventative Services Task Force. Note that the American Cancer Society says you should get mammograms annually after you turn 45. If you aren’t sure of how often you should get a mammogram, speak with Dr. Rush about your medical history. Dr. Rush will help you decide on a mammogram schedule.



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